How the Program Works

Cost Reimbursement Grants, up to $1500, for Approved Weight Loss Programs

Apply Online

It's free to Apply and takes just a few moments.

After you apply, we will contact you to confirm your information and inform you of every approved service provider in your area that offers the kind of weight loss program you like.​


Select a Program & Weigh-in

Select any approved Service Provider that's right for you and  kick-start your path toward losing weight and improving your health.

Record your starting weight before you begin and you're ready to go!

How to Record Your Weight

Get Motivated & Lose Weight

Having predefined goals with visible targets reinforces accountability and turns your weight loss obstacle course into a smooth journey.

The satisfaction of winning the Grant helps to keep you on track & motivated.

Collect Your Health Grant

Nothing Succeeds like success!

Receive a cost reimbursement Grant up to $1500 if you lose your weight within the time for doing so!

Payouts are fast and sent directly to your address.