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How the Program Works

Health Benefit Payments,

up to $1500, for Approved Weight Loss Programs

Select an Accredited weight loss company and choose a program you can stick with long-term.

Set your goals and expectations.

Having pre-defined goals with visible targets turns your weight loss obstacle course into a smooth journey.

Start a Weight Loss Program

Having to lose weight in order to get your Health Benefit payment not only reinforces accountability, but also provides positive weight-loss motivation.

It's like a friendly competition where the satisfaction of winning helps you stay on track.  

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Lose the Weight

Nothing succeeds like success.

You'll enjoy feeling and looking better, and the satisfaction of achieving your goal builds confidence. 

Health Benefit payments are submitted within 15 days after your weight loss is verified.

Collect Your Health Benefit!

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Applying for a Health Benefit

Vitivia Health Benefits are available through third-party weight loss companies that are part of our Approved Service Provider network.

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Submit a Payment Request

Have you reached your weight loss goal in the required time? Arrange to weigh out so we can promptly review your file and process your Health Benefit Payment!

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Get Support

Looking to contact us to update your account, get information, find a Service Provider or get answers to your questions? We're here to help.