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How the Program Works

Cost Reimbursement Grants, up to $1500, for Approved Weight Loss Programs

It's free to apply and takes just a few moments.

After you apply, we will contact you to confirm your information and provide you with approved service providers near you.

Apply Now

Apply Online

Weigh-in at an approved Service Provider's location.

An approved Service Provider can also recommend a weight loss program that's right for you which can help kick-start your path to losing weight and improving your health.


Having pre-defined goals with visible targets reinforces accountability and turns your weight loss obstacle course into a smooth journey.

Nothing Succeeds like success and the satisfaction of winning the Grant helps to keep you motivated.

Safely Lose Your Weight

Receive a cost reimbursement Grant up to $1500 if you lose your weight within the time for doing so!

Payouts are fast and sent directly to your address.

Collect Your Health Grant

Applying for a Health Grant

Vitivia Health Grants are available through third-party weight loss companies that are part of our Approved Service Provider network.

Submit a Grant Payment Request

Have you reached your weight loss goal in the required time? Arrange to weigh out so we can promptly review your file and process your Health Grant Payment!

Get Support

Looking to contact us to update your account, get information, find a Service Provider or get answers to your questions? We're here to help.