Receive up to $1500 for Approved Weight Loss Programs

Ready to Weigh Out?

If you reach your weight loss goal within the time for doing so, you will need to weigh out within 48 hours of your deadline.


Your can weight out on your own or at your Service Provider.

Click Here to follow the instructions for submitting your Weigh-out Video

In addition to the weight-out video, this is what you will need to provide to us once you lose your weight:

  • Proof of service agreement.

  • Proof of payment for the services you received.

  • Copy of Photo ID. 

Check Your Status

Check the status of your Health Grant at any time by entering your Certificate ID into the search box at the bottom of the website, or Click Here.


After you enter your Certificate ID, a new browser window will open with your current information. You can print the details directly from your computer's browser screen.


Carefully check the information provided and let us know if there is any information that is missing or incorrect.


Only the real-time information in our system should be taken as correct.

Check your status regularly to determine if you are able to redeem your Grant.

Your Status Explained

​UNKNOWN - There is no record in our system with your credentials.

PENDING - Your Service Provider has Recommended you for the Grant and we are awaiting your Weigh-in Verification.
VALID - Your enrollment is valid. To receive your Health Grant payment, all you need to do is lose the prescribed weight by the deadline for doing so.
UNDER ADJUDICATION - Your request for a payout has been received. Your documents and weight loss are being verified.

APPROVED - Your payout has been approved. Your Health Grant payment is being sent to you. Congratulations!

UNAPPROVED - Your request for a payout was rejected. This usually happens because you did not lose the required weight.

DISQUALIFIED - The deadline for losing your weight has lapsed.


Can I go to any service provider and use any weight loss program?

You must use a service provider that participates in our program. We will provide you with several options so you can choose a company that offers services that can help you lose weight.

Is there a fee to apply?

There is no fee to apply at any time.

Do I have to pay back the Health Grant?

Health Grants do not need to be repaid.

What Programs and Procedures are Covered?

Most weight loss programs and procedures are covered provided they are offered by practitioners and companies that are members of our approved provider network.
Click here for program options and exclusions:

How soon after I lose my weight will I receive the Grant Payment?

Payments are sent on the 15th and last business day of each month. You will receive your payment within either cycle once your weigh out and documentation has been confirmed.

Why Should I Participate?

It all starts with wanting to have your weight and self-body image reflect the confident person you truly are. The likelihood of committing to a weight loss program that will help you achieve your personal goals and enhance your self confidence becomes more attainable when you participate in our program.

Who Gets a Health Grant?

People from all walks of life take advantage of the Health Grant, and many apply for different reasons.

Many choose to participate in our Program for the financial reward, and many choose to use the Grant as a motivational tool to help them stay on track.

Here are 6 Common Reasons people wish to lose weight.

How do I Qualify as a Candidate?

To determine your eligibility and options, apply today.

We will review your file and recommend you to approved service providers near you.

How does the Process Work?

1. Apply 2. Purchase a Weight Loss Program from an Approved Service Provider and provide your starting weight. 2. Lose your Weight within the time and duration required for doing so. 3. Weigh out and ask for Your Health Grant Payment More Information

Can I participate more than once?

You may only be enrolled once.

Can I apply if I am presently receiving services, or to pay for prior services?

You may not apply for the purpose of re-paying prior programs or to pay for existing programs that are in the process of being completed.

For full eligibility terms and conditions, please carefully review our Program Rules & Regulations.

Is the Vitivia Health Grant paid upfront?

The Vitivia Health Grant is a cost reimbursement payment which means that it is only paid out once certain criteria has been met, such as successfully reaching your goal weight within the time frame for doing so.

What if I don't Reach my Weight loss Goal?

There are no penalties if you do not reach your goal, however you will not qualify for the Grant. Health Grants are intended to be incentives that encourage you to make a committment to improving your health by losing a pre-determined amount of weight.

Do I need to lose a minimum amount of weight?

You will need to lose a certain amount of weight depending on how long you wish to take to lose it. For example, the longer you take, the higher the percentage of body weight you need to lose. Learn More

How do I Weigh-out Once I reach my Goal?

Once you reach your weight loss goal, weight out using the same instructions as you followed to weigh in.

Instructions are located here:

Am I Guaranteed to get the Grant?

You must lose your weight within the time designated for doing so in order to qualify for your Grant.

If you do not lose the required weight then you will not receive the Grant and your file will be closed.

How do I Weigh in?

Video record your starting weight by following the instructions Here.
Please note: Do not record your weight until you have been recommended by an approved Service Provider. Once you are recommended, you will receive an email with instructions for video recording your starting weight.