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Cost Reimbursement Grants, up to $1500, for Approved Weight Loss Programs

Welcome to Vitivia

Vitivia provides weight loss candidates with the opportunity to pay less for approved weight loss programs and services.

Thanks to accredited Service Providers, and a commitment on your part, you can qualify for a Vitivia Health Grant that will reimburse 100% of the cost of your approved weight loss program, to a maximum of $1500, if you lose your weight within the time for doing so.

Healthy individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations are ideal candidates to participate in this program. 


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Eligible Service Providers

Vitivia Health Grants are available through third-party weight loss companies and clinics that are part of our Approved Service Provider network.

Request a Payout

Have you reached your weight loss goal in the required time? Arrange to weigh out so we can promptly review your request and process your Health Grant payment!

Get Support

Looking to contact us to update your account, get information, find a Service Provider or get answers to your questions? We're here to help.